Family company – soon in the fourth generation

Swedish Candles is a family owned company that specializes in hand dipped branched candles of all kinds. The company was founded in 1985 by Ebba and Ragnar von Geijer.
     Ragnar's grandmother was a clergyman's wife in Håtuna, Uppland. She dipped candles for the church and from her the skills have been handed down through the generations. At Swedish Candles, the fourth generation is now dipping candles using her technique.
     We sell the candles in our store at Gränsö Castle but you can also find them in craft stores and museums, as well as at Skansen and Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm. At the moment we export candles to Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States .

     Ebba, Ragnar, Pontus & Mårten von Geijer
     PS. Don't forget to light a candle – it brings peace to the soul.